Ashkan Kamangari
Persian Song

Born in 1984


  • His vocal coaches were Mohamadreza Shajarian, Mozafar Shafiyi, Hamidreza Noorbakhsh, Dr.Hossein Omomi, Aliasghar Shahzidi.


  • Vocal coach in Iran
  • Vocal coach in the workshop at Quai Branly Museum
  • Performed at International Music Festivals in France, Belgium, Tajikistan, …
  • Performed at SACRED SPRIT FESTIVAL in India
  • Cooperated with Armand Amar as a vocalist, composer of “Home” Movie produced by Luc Besson


  • Zard Sorkh Arghavani, Composer Amirhossein Sam
  • The song of Silence (Avaz-e Sokout), Badabad, Composer Amirhossein Sam
  • Reveal Your Face (Rakht Benama), Composer Siamak Jahangiri
  • 10 Tasnif, 10 Composer and 7 vocalist
  • Inak Dariche-e Be Bikaranegi, Composer Hamed Fakor


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