Mehrnam Rastgari

Born in 1991


  • His Music Instructor was Ardeshir Kamkar


  • Kamancheh & Violin instructor from 2011


  • MCIFA, Best Composition for “Tasian” Movie Sound Track, 2017
  • Nominations for the best movie soundtrack for “Poosideh” in Kadoma Festival


  • Womex 2019 Finland
  • International Fajr Music Festival 2019
  • Performance and talk in the first Tedxiums “Tedx of Iran university of medical sciences”
  • Kobyz Palace 2018, Kazakhstan
  • Performance in “Love letters from Middle East” theatre 2017
  • 1695 Project (Shiraz Music Festival)
  • Moj-e No Orchestra (Composer Ali Ghamsari, Vocalist Mohammad Motamedi)
  • Performed with Paykob band, Azar, Mehras, Ghoghagaran, Naghsh ava


  • The short film “And JUST TWO MORE”
  • The short film “ZUGZUANG”
  • The short film “ROTTEN”


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