Negar Ezazi


  • His Music Instructors were Bijan Kamkar, Hossein Rezaeenia


  • Percussion instructor from 2007
  • Founder of Viona Percussion brand


  • Vaziri Group, Leader: Kayvan Saket
  • Pejman Haddadi in Hapa Drums Project
  • The Land of Love concert by Tahmoures Pournazeri & Farshad Jamali
  • Rastaak Group at International Festivals
  • Rastaak Group at International Fajr Music Festival
  • Daf-o Ney with Bijan Kamkar
  • Azad Group led by Davoud Azad
  • Barbatian Group led by Hossein Behrouzinia


  • Mian-e Khorshid Haye Hamisheh, Rastaak Group
  • Sornaye Norouz, Rastaak Group
  • Dar Ayeene, Composer Hossein Behrouzinia
  • Sanam Nahanjar, Composer Ali Ghamsari
  • Station, Composer Mahyar Alizadeh
  • Souvashoun, Composer Tahmoures Pournazeri, Vocalist Homayoun Shajarian
  • Shahrzad Series Soundtrack, Composer Amir Tavasoli
  • Homay-e Sard, Composer Behzad Abdi, Vocalist Mohammad Motamed
  • Asr-e Jadid Soundtrack, Composer Aria Azimi Nejad


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