Rashid Kakavand

Born in 1976


  • Founder of Saba Music Institute
  • Professor at Farhang- o Honar University
  • Founder of “Eftetah” Percussion Group


  • Talash Music Festival, First Prize 2007


  • Performed alongside with “Eftetah” Group
  • Performed alongside with Shahram Nazeri at Vienne University, 2007
  • Performed alongside with Pejman Tahery Group at United Nations, Italy, Swiss, Slavonia, and…
  • Performed alongside with Eshtiagh Group and Alireza Ghorbani
  • Performed alongside with Hesar Group and Hossein Alishapour, 2013
  • Performed alongside with Bamdad Group and Bijan Kamkar, 1996-2015
  • RUDOLSTADT Festival, 2007
  • Voix Festival, 2008
  • Konya Sufi Music Festival, 2009


  • Soogvaran-e Khamoosh, Composer Pejman Taheri, Vocalist Alireza Ghorbani
  • Sarv-e Ravan, Composer Ali Ghamsari, Vocalist Alireza Ghorbani
  • Dasht-e Jonoon, Vocalist Ali Zand Vakili
  • Ghaf-e Eshgh, Vocalist Alireza Ghorbani
  • Tabesh-e Mehr, Composer Ali Asghar Arabshahi
  • Aghaz-e Por Payan, Composer Saeb Kakavand


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