Terms and Conditions

  1. Please dress modestly (Islamic Hijab)
  2. Online classes are only offered on dates and times that are shown as available on the Website.
  3. Online classes are held once a week with the duration of 20 to 30 minutes each session.
  4. Each Term includes 10 sessions and you need to extend your term in 6th session through website.
  5. The link to enter the class will be emailed you and the room of class is available in the exact time and date of your scheduled class.
  6. You must enroll and pay for your online classes via PayPal and through the Website only.
  7. Any corresponding, consulting, rescheduling and payments must be taking place through website or academy official email.
  8. After registration and full payment, you will receive confirmation including you date and time of your class. you may not be entitled to any online classes and lessons will not start until registration process is complete.
  9. Online classes are held only to individual who enrolled. During the online class, no company is accepted.
  10. Pournazeri Academy provides you instructors and you need to purchase your own musical instruments, books and etc.
  11. If the online class is canceled or rescheduled by the academy or the instructor, you are not entitled to any refund of any missed online classes.
  12. If you miss or cancel your session, there will be no reschedule.
  13. There is no refund after registration and during the enrollment.
  14. Please feel free to ask for free consultation via website.